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Overheard in Mumbai

 "Your table is this way ma'am." As my friend Sandhini and I tottered on high heels suited only for a sit down dinner towards our table at the very popular, very high ceilinged, very delicious Bastian in Mumbai, I controlled my impulse to take a video of the space. Dear readers, my control didn't last long. I snapped some quick photos of the gently rotating fans hoping that no one saw me. Mumbai is supposedly a city where no one cares what you're doing or what you're wearing and yet I find myself the most conscious and judged there. You can't look at the celebrities, you can't be dressed up, you should remain cool at all times, you can't talk about something you bought even when it's your own hard earned money and you better not be from the suburbs if you're talking to someone from South Mumbai (or vice versa). My friend had already gently chided me for wanting to go to Bastian on a Saturday night for dinner (too mainstream) but the reserva

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