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How to Solve (M)all Our Problems

Shopping malls were a fantastical place for us Indian Millenials in our childhood. The only evidence we had of their existence were Hollywood movies and that one Indian American relative who visited every winter and brought gifts from ~the mall~.  I think that one of the first malls that ever opened in Delhi was Ansal Plaza. People would be lying if they didn't admit to getting lost there (why was it shaped like a horseshoe? What was the purpose of that huge amphitheatre? Did everyone have at least one birthday lunch at Geofferey's?). Now, malls have evolved from a cluster of just shops and food courts to movie theatres, arcades, bars and much more. However, despite the myriad of entertaining activities they provide, the idea of going to one right now may seem foolish. There may be no weather in malls but there is an irritatingly potent and infectious virus still doing the rounds. The only thing that may be more viral is the photographic proof of huge non-distant crowds at the

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